About us

About us

About us

Because we believe in books and their impact on individuals of all ages and are aware of the difficulties faced in getting the desired book easily and in a timely manner; we at Maktabetcom.com have made it much easier for you! We have put together millions of remarkable foreign and Arabic books in our on-line depository so that you can search and purchase the ones you are looking for, without having to go from shop to shop. We will deliver orders faster than any other e-market and with the lowest possible delivery and handling fees! Maktabetcom.com is the most diverse International Book Depository in the region!

Maktabetcom.com is an online bookshop and is considered the linkage between the Publishers (International & Local) and the Arab Readers.

Types of Books Available

Maktabetcom.com has put together millions of remarkable foreign and Arabic books in its on-line depository so that the reader can search and purchase the books, without having to go from shop to shop. Orders will be delivered faster than any other e-market and with the lowest possible delivery and handling fees! 

eBooks are now available at Maktabetcom.com! Where you can browse through One Million (1,000,000) Titles and download your eBook on 6 different devices of your choice (Laptops, mobiles, iPads & other tablets); making it easier for you to get your book within minutes and without limiting you to a certain device.

The available books are organized in accordance to the global categorization. We guarantee that you will feel right at your favorite bookstore while searching on-line for the targeted book or while simply browsing.

Availability of Books and eBooks

If you cannot find your desired book anywhere, we at Maktabetcom.com will get it for you from its original publisher with the lowest shipping costs and the fastest delivery time (3 - 6 Working Days) at the exact retail price of its publisher. We are considered the direct link between international publishers and readers in the Arab world.

A specialized committee provides us with suggestions on the latest international and classical books in diverse fields. This committee takes into consideration global as well as local sensibilities. It also screens and evaluates all books available at our depository and makes sure that the latest books are always available. Hence, you can look up books and get to know similar results you were not familiar with.

A Used Books section for readers who prefer to purchase some books at a lower price than that of the publisher's is now available. Our used books are offered in good condition and at a very low price & delivered between 24 – 48 hours.

Services for Schools and Educational Institutions

Maktabetcom.com is the first educational website in the region that contains curriculums and series arranged by subject and theme, which enables educational organizations and teachers to view, compare and decide from within the provided categorization. Schools can order a specific curriculum and we will provide it from the original publishing house prices using efficient shipping and handling methods.

Due to our specialization in school curriculums and education, Maktabetcom.com offers access to distinguished curricula agencies so that schools and teachers can order a specific curriculum that we will obtain for retail publishing house pricing, using efficient and reasonable prices and handling fees. Maktabetcom.com offers schools and educational organization special packages for yearly orders (Check the school services link).

eLibraryPlatformMaktabetcom.com is then main & only agent for eLibrary platform in the Middle East; offering Educational Facilities and Libraries more than 10 Million Educational Books upon paying the annual fees making it a one-stop-to-shop for printed and electronic books. Here you will purchase and manage eBooks in the same way you manage your print library; controlling loan periods, available titles, recommending titles to students through the home page, and access to comprehensive usage reports. Our Electronic online Reading System is an eBook platform designed specifically for the educational environment, with over 315,000 UK and European titles from 1000 educational publishers available to purchase with DRM supporting multiple concurrent usages. Uniquely amongst eBook platforms, your students are able to both read books online via a custom online reader, or by downloading books to an eReader, or even to an Apple or Android device via the free app which requires no IT resources to be used in school to host and distribute the books.


Maktabetcom.com holds Storytelling activities at our office (Electronic Maktabetcom for Publishing and distribution) for children between the ages of 3 - 8. Stories have many advantages as it exposes them to diverse cultures from all over the world as well as their own. As a result they would develop important life skills such as empathising with unfamiliar people from different races and religions; develop new ideas, increases their chance of communication, participation, imagination, creativity and cooperation. We teach children about all the important components of a book (author, publisher, cover, plot and timeline). Story telling also helps in developing their listening skills and understanding. We believe that this activity will help in developing the children's imagination and appreciation for books as it will truly be a unique experience since they will get to create their own story and thus supporting and implementing the points above. They will have the chance to think outside the box and learn about brainstorming and getting their thoughts together as a group by that teaching them about teamwork, collaboration, communication and thoughts expression. The children will also have the chance to meet Jordanian authors and enjoy listening to their stories and latest books that are well-recognized and won local and international awards on certain occasion.

What do we offer?

1)    Most Diverse book depository for English and Arabic Titles.

2)     Over 1,000,000 eBooks Titles.

3)  Three different Shipping Methods for International Books.

4)     Immediate release for Arabic Books.

5)    Books are supplied/shipped directly from their Publishers and with the same price.

6)      Online Catalogues.

7)      Free consultation.

8)      One stop for comparing curricula.

9)      Unique packaging.

10)    Timely door to door services.

11)    Competitive prices.

12)    eBooks System for Schools.

Educational Toys

A variety of educational toys for different ages (0-15) from globally recognized brands are displayed and categorized by age-group and type.